Are you a self-sufficient or professional Trader?

Execute with JB Alpha.

JB Alpha provides the support you need to achieve the best results – all JB Alpha clients have real-time access to our Trade Alerts, Analysis and Market Reports to assist their own expertise.

We also provide a service overlay, and will help you choose one or more of our hand-picked counter-parties which will best suit your trading or investing style and needs.

Whether your strategy is position trading, High Frequency Trading, Algorithmic trading, investing or a mix – we are able to set you up with the appropriate software, trading conditions and platform to optimise your trading experience.

We offer this service across our entire product range – Shares, CFD’s, Margin Foreign Exchange, Futures, Options, Physical Bullion and Commodities.

Select one of JB Alpha’s leading counterparties and execute at speed with competitive rates at all times.

If you’re a self-sufficient trader, and are looking to improve your skills or acquire some tools to assist you, JB Alpha’s affiliates may be of assistance.

Tools and Services for Self-Sufficient Traders

Trader Education

Are you a new or intermediate trader? Watch our free series on implementing a simple but effective Professional Risk Management framework.

Click here for the remainder of this three part series, which cover the concepts of likely risk:reward, our “laws of leverage”, and how to combine these concepts to build a risk management framework.