Our experienced advisors can provide helpful market insight and commentary, as well as important advice regarding entry, exit and stop-loss settings on your investment shares.

JB Alpha’s Head of Equities, Mr. Cleo Nanni has over 25 year’s experience in the market. Our dedicated team of advisors work hard to provide not only top quality advice, but also ongoing comprehensive risk management.

JB Alpha offers the support, advice and position management required to help all of our clients achieve their investment objectives in all markets and in any conditions.

For execution-only traders, JB Alpha provides both shares and options for both Australian and International markets utilising a free, cutting edge trading platform.

Something which really sets the JB Alpha team apart, is our ability to generate positive returns in all market environments. Our AlphaHedge system allows us to perform in bull, bear and sideways markets and generate alpha in a unique way.

Did you know that we are one of the very few brokers in Australia with the knowledge, skill and qualifications to teach people how and when to insure a share portfolio. Less than 10% of Australian brokers are qualified or licensed to do this, which may be why they don’t discuss it with you!

At a time where interest rates around the globe are either incredibly low, zero and negative, cash products and bonds typically do not offer the retail investor a sufficient return on capital. JB Alpha advises on both traditional capital growth strategies and high-yield strategies. Using a unique combination of select Exchange Traded Funds and/or options strategies we are able to make money in not only bull markets, but also sideways and bear markets.  

With a changing financial landscape, it’s important you know that you are talking with a client advisor or broker who is fully qualified, and has the resources and ability to advise you on the benefits (or otherwise) of particular investments.

Core Share Trading Strategies

Our client advisors are able to recommend specific investing or trading strategies to clients.  These can be short, medium or long term, depending on the clients goals and timeframe. Importantly, they can advise clients on how and when to hedge (“insure”) a share or investment portfolio.

Trade Suggestions

Trade and Investment shares recommendations from our Senior Market Strategists.  Most people lack both the time and resources to follow local and global markets, or keep up-to-date on developments in different companies or market sectors.  Our Senior Market Strategists can often indentify market movements and trends as they happen and make pro-active investment recommendations to clients accordingly.

Alpha Premium Portfolio Service

We provide A Premium Portfolio Service (APPS) for those wanting outstanding investment shares portfolio management.  The Benefits of APPS include Consolidated Reporting, Capital Gains Tax Management, Management of Investments, Reduced Administration, Registered Ownership and Easy Access.

JB Alpha is an advisory broker servicing private clients for their equity portfolios, eto (exchange traded stock options) trading and general equity trading needs, domestically and overseas.

JB Alpha Advisory Service

Specialising In High Yield Stocks & Exchange Traded Options

Service in a nutshell:

  • Access to highly experienced advisor with equities and options trading experience in excess of 30 years!
  • Access to leading custodial-, clearing and executing counterparties
  • Tailored Hedge strategies and follow-up advice
  • Cash-flow focussed strategy approach offered
  • Capital Gains focussed strategy approach offered
  • Constant monitoring
  • 24 hour access
  • Competitive fee structure ranging from 1% for portfolio clients to as low as 0.3% for high turnover accounts
  • Full control of your positions via daily reporting by email, and online access.
  • Deceased Estate one-off trade facility

JB Alpha Execution Service

Service in a nutshell:

  • Access to leading custodial-, clearing and executing counterparties
  • Constant monitoring
  • 24 hour access
  • Competitive fee structure ranging from 1% for portfolio clients to as low as 0.3% for high turnover accounts
  • Full control of your positions via daily reporting by email, and online access
  • ‘Silent’ Monitoring of execution clients positions
  • Constant access to highly experienced advisors if needed
  • Constant access to an advisor for any ‘trouble-shooting’ or technical platform issues
  • Prime service back-up service for execution clients
  • Deceased Estate one-off trade facility


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Cleo Nanni, Head of Equities at JB Alpha, and his team have extensive experience in trading equities and related option markets. – One Select Portfolio service of Cleo Nanni and his team focuses specifically on Cash-flow strategies within the top 20 ASX stocks. Unique strategies applied via physical stock versus options aims to achieve a higher cash-flow return at no additional risk to a portfolio holder while also advising at select times on key hedging strategies to avoid unnecessary draw-downs. – Other strategies applied might have more of a traditional equity market capital gains type investment focus.

Please call or email us – 03 8662 4000 or equities@alphabroking.com.au  for an informal discussion of your needs – we’d be more than happy to listen and be of serious assistance.

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Client advisors at JB Markets Pty Ltd (JB Alpha) offer general advice only regarding the merits or otherwise, of particular trades, any financial products, instruments (including shares) and markets without considering your personal financial circumstances, or whether any particular trade or investment is suitable to your personal situation. They do not provide personal financial advice. JB Alpha is a boutique advisory brokerage firm and is not licensed to issue financial products. Clients are referred to select custodial, clearing and executing counterparties that are also licensed to be an Issuer of financial products if applicable.