JB Alpha, founded in 2008, is a Boutique Australian Financial Services Company (regulated by ASIC) providing quality advice and prime customer service. JB Alpha is a subsidiary of the JB Financial Group.

JB Alpha provides  retail, sophisticated and institutional investors access to global markets and a wide range of financial products.

By the use of select custodial and clearing counterparties JB Alpha and its advisors are able to focus on its core business – giving quality advice and service to its clients.

JB Alpha advisors are combining their broad product knowledge, market analysis skills and strategical thinking to provide its clients the best basis for a long-term successful investment experience.

Our vision:

To be an internationally respected high quality Advisory Firm as well as Discretionary Trading Service Provider via a full suite of products including:

  • Equities
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Contracts For Difference (CFD’s)
  • Margin Foreign Exchange
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s)
  • Physical Bullion – Gold, Silver & Platinum

What we offer clients:

  • Unique depth of Experience of each Director and Product Advisory Manager in excess of 30 years each.
  • Comprehensive, Proficient  General Advisory Service – with a personal touch
  • Stock Portfolio selection and management
  • Corporate Commodity Hedging Service
  • Managed Discretionary Account Service
  • Award winning online trading platforms
  • Access to global markets
  • 24 hour trading desk and customer service during global market trading hours.

Markus Helsing

Head of Compliance

Mr Helsing has held senior positions in the Australian and Swiss financial markets over the past 28 years. Prior to establishing JB Markets Pty Ltd, he managed the Melbourne office of one of Australia’s leading broking firms for over 10 years, while also serving as a Fund Manager and overseeing one of Australia’s most successful futures divisions. Mr Helsing holds accreditations from ASX, SFE and AFMA for equities, derivatives, foreign exchange and managed funds, and brings a wealth of experience to Alpha in trading and managed discretionary accounts. He is highly regarded for his expertise in risk management, and is also an accredited gemmologist.

Michael Phelan

Head of Risk

Graduate of the Securities Institute Diploma in Financial Advising, holding accreditations from ASX, SFE and AFMA for equities, derivatives, foreign exchange and managed funds, Mr Phelan brings many years of trading experience to Alpha. His background in the physical commodity markets, along with his expertise as fund manager and over 13 years in the futures industry, have earned him the respect of his peers. His consistent success at developing strategic trades around market volatility, his highly disciplined approach to trading, and his ability to develop trading strategies for diverse market conditions makes his contribution to Alpha invaluable.

Per Larsson

Chief Financial Officer

Mr Larsson was initially appointed Finance Manager and Compliance Officer at Alpha in May 2009, and succeeded Mr John Harrop as Chairman in September 2010. Having completed a bachelor’s degree in business, commercial law and language studies at the University of Stockholm, Sweden and the University of Paris (Sorbonne), France, Mr Larsson has held mainly management accounting and financial management positions within the financial industry in Melbourne. Over the last 23 years Mr Larsson has held senior financial management positions for Prudential-Bache Securities, C, A & L Bell Commodities Corporation (now Bell Potter), The Over 50s Friendly Society and Cornerstone Building Society, ANZ Bank Loan Division, and the Bendigo Stock Exchange. Prior to joining Alpha Mr Larsson was Chief Financial Officer at a Melbourne property valuation firm, Westlink Consulting.

Cleo Nanni

Head of Equities

Cleo Nanni has been in the financial services industry for more than 30 years serving in an advisory capacity for both retail and corporate clients. As a Company Director and Shareholder of Licciardi and Nanni from 1989, his firm protected the assets and investments of over 3000 clients until 2000 when the brokerage was sold to Oamps Ltd and he was appointed as a Senior Advisor. In 2002, Cleo focused exclusively on share trading advisory, specialising in capital growth, wealth preservation and income creation utilising strategies based on specialist advice. This advice can be used to protect and insure the value of portfolio’s by selling Calls and buying Puts in a falling market as well as creating additional income by selling Credit Spreads in both Puts and Calls in a market or stocks that are trending sideways. Or conversely, creating greater returns by Buying Calls when the market is in rally mode. His general advice can be used to assist client making decisions on when to enter and exit a trade and which option strategies will best suit current market and stock conditions. Please follow the links and complete the application form to open an account.