The MT4 product is provided by AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd (“AxiCorp”). AxiCorp and Alpha Equities & Futures Limited (“Alpha”) are operating under separate Australian Financial Services Licences and are not associated entities. All accounts are opened and held with AxiCorp operating as a counterparty. AxiCorp can be contacted on +61 2 9965 5830 for further details.

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Residential Contact Information

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Miscellaneous Questions

Will you be using an automated trading system or Expert Advisor?


Do all persons associated with this application understand the nature and risks of margined (or geared) investments?


Do all persons associated with this application have experience trading in Margined Contracts?


If yes, what instruments do they have experience trading with?

Do the persons associated with this application have any other investment experience other than that outlined above?

Are any of the persons associated with this application related to an existing account holder with AxiCorp?

This includes existing AxiCorp account holders who are your relatives (including step-relatives or in-laws) as well as business associates.


If yes, please provide details:

Have any of the persons/partners associated with this account application been subject to any bankruptcy proceedings?


If yes, please provide details:

Financial Information

Are you trading as an Individual or a Sole Trader?


Average ANNUAL gross income over the last three years

Individual Financial Information

* The information provided below relates to the individual business/partnership whose details are listed above. Failure to provide this information may prevent us from processing your account.

Net Assets

Net Liabilities

Net Value (Net Assets - Net Liabilities)

Approx amount of funds available for your trading with us as equity

Legal Information and Identification

* The purpose of this section is so that you (the Applicant) can review and save all the relevant legal documents that you are required to read.You can also review the identification section in preparation for completing the application.

Please download and review the Client Agreement and PDS below before completing this section.

I have read, understood and agree to the terms of the Client AgreementI have read and understood the Product Disclosure StatementI have read and understood the Financial Services Guide

Identification Requirements

Following 9/11, governments internationally have tightened banking rules to prevent money laundering. In December 2007, The Australian Government introduced its Anti Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act. To comply with this Act, AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd, needs to formally identify you.

To do this we need to see the completed application form as well as a copy of the identification documents (ID) for the account holder or one of the partners.

The documents that you provide must be valid and clearly show your name and your residential address.


Your signature and your photograph (as applicable to the document type).


Current Australian/Foreign PassportExpired Australian Passport (less than two years old)

Current Government-issue National ID

Current Australian Driver LicencePLUS SECONDARY ID (one only required)

Australian utilities provider bill/letter of service (less than three months old)

ATO notice of assessment (less than one year old)

Australian Local Government notice (less than one year old)

Current Australian Driver Licence (only if not used as Primary ID above)

Thank you for your understanding in working with us in compliance of this new legislation.

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Account Holder (Must be the same as Account Application Name)

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IBAN/SWIFT Code (Int'l Clients)