JB Alpha  Director  MDA

The JB Alpha Director MDA  actively trades a diversified range of asset classes & adopts a Multi-Strategy approach within a strict risk management overlay to optimise return while averting exposure to unnecessary risk.  Primary investment instruments for this MDA are futures options on the DAX Index (The German top 30 Index), our detailed analysis of both fundamental and technical parameters along with a good potential index swing allows us to generate regular trading profits for clients.  Additional trades are done where special or significant opportunities are highlighted through analysis of other markets. These are typically in commodities, metals & energy, other indices and specific stocks or market segments.  We utilize our ‘Multi Asset Strategy’ approach in this MDA which provides enhanced diversification and risk management.


To achieve in excess of 15-25% per annum through investing in a diversified product & strategy approach within a strict risk management overlay to optimise return while averting exposure to unnecessary risk.  Our goal is to outperform other investment areas in all markets, especially when conventional strategies and investment approaches fail.  JB Alpha MDA trades in various markets and asset classes to offer a good range of diversification for clients, trading within stringent guidelines and Risk Management strategies  to optimise returns and reduce risk.


All accounts are individually and professionally managed by our MDA management team, offering you the combination of three highly skilled & experienced Managers, Michael Phelan and Markus Helsing,  providing professional decision making, creative strategy solutions while also applying a risk management second to none.  Our MDA Managers are well versed in the markets and assets traded within each MDA and have many  years of successful experience trading and investing in a wide range of asset classes and markets. We use a variety of financial instruments & strategies to suit any environment and particular market situation, with the aim to obtain the most opportunistic and profitable outcomes for our MDA clients. We use a system that is known as our ‘Multi Asset Strategy’ approach, to diversify trading and investment strategies within several of our MDA systems.

Accounts are traded on your behalf by JB Alpha, through a limited power of attorney and this takes the pressure off you as our client, in that you do not need to make any trade entry or exit decisions or carry out any market analysis. Our MDA account strategies are transparent, with all aspects clearly defined up front. Accounts are operated within tight investment guidelines, a well defined trading mandate and clearly specified and strict Risk management polices, so that all trading systems and risks are open and transparent.

JB Alpha’s individually, professionally managed discretionary trading account service is suitable for all classes of investor, including; wholesale and retail individuals, institutional investors, incorporated bodies and trustees; including SMSFs.

Please request the JB Alpha MDA Strategy guide for more details:  mda@www.alphabroking.com.au


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