What is an MDA?

  • MDA stands for Managed Discretionary Account.
  • An MDA can be set up in any type of entity: personal account in your name, joint, partnership, SMSF, trust or company.
  • The MDA is a “discretionary” account, which means JB Alpha MDA executives will trade on your account, on your behalf.
  • No need for you to take calls and make decisions on individual trade entries and exits. You can sit back and let your experienced MDA managers make all the decisions and do the hard work.
  • Your MDA account trades strictly in line with the MDA Trading Mandate and MDA Strategy Guide which limits our trading strategies within specified parameters and ensures strong risk management.

Benefits of an MDA

  • Highly experienced & professional MDA managers.
  • No headaches having to take regular calls or make decisions on trades.
  • You do not have to give any input to your investment decisions.
  • No decisions required on your part regarding trade entry or exit.
  • Ongoing monitoring and active management by professional MDA team.
  • Nimble management – swift response to market changes.
  • Trade Efficiency – Better entry & exit points, no client contact for authority needed.
  • Highly flexible – access to a wide range of investment vehicles.
  • Transparency – viewing of all trades, account balance and profits online 24/7.
  • Administrative convenience – quarterly and annual performance reports.
  • Tax efficiency – full EOFY transaction and taxation reports provided.
  • No entry or exit fees.
  • No annual or performance fees.
  • Withdrawal of profits/partial balance available within 24 hours notice.
  • Efficient investment for time-poor investors.

How does an MDA Work?

  • Your account is fully managed, traded and monitored on your behalf by our very qualified and experienced team of JB Alpha MDA Managers.
  • All accounts are traded within the MDA Trading Mandate outlined in the MDA Strategy Guide – with a strict risk management overlay applied at all times.
  • You provide us with specific and on-going discretionary authority to trade your account, as part of the JB Alpha MDA agreement.
  • As a fully discretionary account, you are completely free from the need to make any decisions regarding specific trades on your account. We do all this for you and you avoid all the usual hassles of a normal trading account where you would need to accept calls from a broker and make decisions to BUY or SELL on an ongoing basis.
  • The discretionary authority, empowers us to trade and invest the funds in your account on your behalf.
  • You remain the beneficial owner of all assets &/or funds in your MDA account, but we control day-to-day investment on your behalf.

Where is my Money held?

  • All funds are held in your MDA account name, at one of the select JB Alpha custodial, clearing and executing counter-parties.
  • All MDA counter-parties are Australian domiciled, with client funds held in client segregated accounts in Australian banks.
  • We have “Trading Only Access” to your account, we can only place and close trades on your behalf.
  • All funds and assets remain in your account name and in your control at all times.
  • Your funds and assets are available to you at any and all times.
  • Your funds are able to be partially or fully withdrawn at any time. (Trade closures may slightly delay withdrawals in some cases)

Who is suitable for an MDA?

  • An MDA account is suitable for any and all levels of investor
  • Clients with little or no experience through to those who are experienced and trading other strategies already, who require diversification into other strategies.
  • Retail, (Mum & Dad investors)
  • Family trusts
  • Self managed super funds
  • Sophisticated investors
  • Professional Investors
  • Corporations
  • We welcome inquiries from all potential investors.
  • Our JB Alpha MDA is especially suited to those investors who are time or experience limited and need to take the pressure off themselves and have our professional management team do the work of you.

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