There are currently two series of video tutorial available. One is for investors which focuses on building and managing equity portfolios. The other is for traders and teaches a risk management strategy to smooth trading results and more effectively manage risk.

Investor Series

Stock Picking, Portfolio Management and Zero-Premium Hedging

In this two part series, Senior Securities and Derivatives Advisor Ben Foster shares his method for picking a stock, portfolio management tips and a newly developed method of hedging which simultaneously crystallises profit and has zero premium outlay.

Part One - Picking Stocks and Absolute Returns

Click here for final instalment of this series, which covers our break-through zero-premium hedging method and what to look for when writing covered calls in the market. 

Trader Series

Trading with Professional Risk Management


This three part series with Senior Securities and Derivatives Advisor Ben Foster, aims to teach you a risk management framework you can implement to improve your trading discipline and results.

Part One - UNIT management

Click here for the remainder of this three part series, which cover the concepts of likely risk:reward, our “laws of leverage”, and how to combine these concepts to build a risk management framework.

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