Dartboard MDA

Objective: To achieve in excess of 20% returns per annum via a diversified trading approach focusing on commodity markets and using disciplined risk management.

The Dartboard MDA manager views commodities as the ideal alternative asset class and a strong addition to a balanced investment portfolio.

The Dartboard MDA is designed for wholesale and sophisticated investors including qualified SMSF’s.

The Dartboard MDA uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis skills to evaluate and generate trading signals and profitable trading positions across a broad range of commodity markets.

Please view the Dartboard MDA Investment Program for more details.

Jackson Capital MDA

Objective: To achieve in excess of 20% per annum with a low annualised standard deviation of less than 15%. This means the returns are steady over time.

Jackson Capital’s currency based trading models have generated consistent, double-digit annual returns for private clients and institutional investors. Few systems are able to generate such returns consistently. Even fewer manage to do it unaffected by the rise and fall of market volatility.

Jackson Capital designs develops and executes sophisticated currency related trading models that have delivered consistent double-digit returns for traders, private and institutional investors.

Jackson Capital’s individually managed discretionary trading accounts are suitable for wholesale and retail individuals, institutional investors, incorporated bodies and trustees; including SMSFs.

Our suite of products trade derivatives over currencies for their high liquidity, low cost and ability to achieve results in both bull and bear markets.

Our trading models comprise complex algorithms developed using extensive quantitative research, analysis and testing. Largely automated, the algorithms capture market movements 24 hours a day ensuring all opportunities are capitalized – free of human emotion and error.

Please peruse the Jackson Capital Product guide for more details or visit www.jacksoncapital.asia for more information.

Optima MDA

Objective: To achieve in excess of 15-25% per annum via a diversified product & strategy approach with a strict risk management overlay to avert exposure to unnecessary risk. The Managers aim to outperform when conventional strategies and investment approaches fail.

The MDA Manager will use a wide variety of strategies to suit any environment and particular market situation and aim to apply them in the most opportunistic way – it is called the ‘Multi Asset Strategy’.

Most of the Strategies have the same characteristics – limited risk exposure at all times versus potential unlimited Profit potential. Spread strategies do have characteristics of both, limited Risk exposure but also limited profit potential.

Adrian Coronna utilises professional decision making, creative strategy solutions while also applying a risk management second to none.

JB Alpha’s individually managed discretionary trading account service is suitable for wholesale and retail individuals, institutional investors, incorporated bodies and trustees; including SMSFs.

Please request the Optima MDA Strategy guide for more details:  adrian.coronna@jbmarkets.com

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