Guardian’s Sydney Vault Door

JB Alpha’s team of advisors have many years of experience trading, advising and investing in world financial markets, including physical bullion, such as gold, silver and platinum.

JB Alpha is proud to be associated with Guardian Gold, Guardian Vaults and Bullion Capital Limited in the capacity of accredited introducing broker offering investment advice and online trading platforms. This allows retail, wholesale and SMSF investors to have direct, fully insured, HIN based access to the physical bullion market.

JB Alpha clients have the choice of either direct storage in a personalised safe-deposit box within a vault along with business hour access. Or alternatively, a personally allocated ownership scenario, with the ability to withdraw the physical bullion from storage upon request.

Advantages of Physical Ownership:

  • Access to physical gold, silver and platinum trading at the press of a button.
  • Direct HIN (Holder Identification Number) based ownership of physical precious metals.
  • Secure storage in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane (varying by counter-party)
  • Your bullion is fully insured at all times.
  • AUD denominated gold, silver and platinum prices mitigating the currency risk and exposure.
  • Highly transparent and safe form of bullion investment.
  • All bullion is stored in secure vaults and may be either accessed physically OR withdrawn by the owner upon request (varying by counter-party.)

JB Alpha recommends that retail, wholesale and SMSF investors consider diverting 10% of their total portfolio to long term investments in physical bullion.

There has been a significant change in recent times in the ‘Shifting Demand Forces’ in the Gold & Silver market – A Resurgence of traditional physical buying substituting speculative money, shifting holdings into ‘strong hands’.

Highly accommodative monetary settings via historically extremely low interest rates combined with ‘creative monetary policies’ – ie. money-printing – has lifted the attractiveness of the precious metal sector not only for the savvy & weary private investor but has also spurned strong institutional demand, in particular in Europe, US, India & China.

Senior Advisors at JB Alpha strongly advocate a minimum 10% holding of physical bullion, Gold & Silver, as part of a diversified investment portfolio shielding against potential macro risks associated with potential ‘experimental monetary policy fall-out’.

Guardian Gold provides a seamless solution when buying gold and silver bullion, whether a first time buyer or an experienced investor. Guardian Gold together with Guardian Vaults offers significant benefits through its “Seamless Solution”.

Guardian’s seamless solution includes: purchase, delivery, fully allocated/segregated bullion storage, insurance and auditing requirements compliant for SMSF in one secure location, with a choice between two, ASIO-T4 tested facilities in Melbourne and Sydney.

This unified process simplifies how to buy gold bullion and enhance the management logistics so that each process is simple and seamless for you, the client.

Offering a wide range of gold and silver investment products, all gold (999.9) and silver (999+) are investment grade suitable for personal investment or your Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

Guardian Gold and Guardian Vaults were the first of their kind to be privately owned. Whilst holding bullion in a bank vault may be unsecured in times of crisis, at Guardian your holding are held in a vault under your name which only YOU may access. – Take a tour of a Guardian Vault.

By utilising the unique combination of JB Alpha’s expert investment advice, Guardian Vault’s security and access and Guardian Gold’s quality clients are assured the highest quality of service, security and are constantly informed of when to accumulate, sell or hedge.

Bullion Capital Limited

Bullion Capital’s MetalDesk Platform Features:
  • Being a web-based platform, MetalDesk can be accessed at all times from anywhere in the world.
  • Prices are provided by a number of market participants in an exchange based scenario, which lowers dealer spreads and provides better market prices for physical bullion.
  • MetalDesk allows investors to monitor live market prices and enables instant order execution and trade settlement.
  • Full market depth:  provides all price levels available in the market at a given time for each precious metal product traded, indicating total market supply and demand.
  • Holdings management: allows investors to monitor their bullion inventory at all times. Interactive charts are provided to show holdings of each precious metal, as well as holdings of specific bars and coins held.
  • Quote board: provides the ability to gain a snapshot of the entire MetalDesk Platform market.
  • Customisable watch-list: organises and focuses investors’ precious metal trading by creating watch-lists to keep a close eye on the products that they are most interested in.
  • Full account activity reporting: 24 hour access to live and historic account activity.
  • Your Bullion is held securely and allocated personally, but in a pooled scenario. Whilst there is no personal access feature, your bullion can be withdrawn within a dedicated notice period.

Check out the easy to use MetalDesk Platform.

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Client advisors at JB Alpha offer general advice only regarding the merits or otherwise, of particular trades, any financial products, instruments (including shares) and markets without considering your personal financial circumstances, or whether any particular trade or investment is suitable to your personal situation. They do not provide personal financial advice. JB Alpha is a boutique advisory brokerage firm and is not licensed to issue financial products. Clients are referred to select custodial, clearing and executing counterparties that are also licensed to be an Issuer of financial products if applicable.