Combine forces – use your analysis together with the expertise of one of our select JB Alpha Advisors to achieve a common goal

JB Alpha offers comprehensive General Advice in all financial products
  • Shares (Australian & International), and ETO’s
  • Futures, Options and CFDs
  • Margin Foreign Exchange
  • Physical Bullion
  • Each Product section has an Australian Trading Advisor in charge with experience and expertise in excess of 25 years – Use it to your advantage!

Whether you’re an experienced trader or new to investing, using an JB Alpha Advisor can help you make informed decisions. Our expertise and service is second to none, and how can utilise our service in a way which suits you. We are happy not only to recommend investment decisions and trade ideas, but also to join forces and analyse your own trade ideas.

Whether your style is long-term investing or shorter-term trading, it is inevitable that you will be wrong from time to time. What sets us apart is our proactive risk management, which aims to ensure not only that you maximise your profits, but also minimise your losses. There are two components to being a successful investor; the first being the obvious – picking more winners than losers. The second is the magnitude of profits exceeding the magnitude of losses. By utilising our services we can help manage your positions, alerting you when we think it is time to take profits or cut losses.


If your current share portfolio isn’t performing or being managed with a high level of service, we offer a no-obligation portfolio analysis and review. We are happy to discuss the results face to face or over the phone depending on your location and preference.

The first step to achieving anything is to have a plan. We provide a variety of general advice strategies such as High Yield, Long/Short, Hedging and Macro-Diversification.


The depth and experience of JB Alpha’s team allows us to provide expert trading advice across our full suite of products. We utilise fundamental and technical analysis to recommend trades to our clients, complete with entry, exit and risk management. We encourage experienced traders to also use our experience to improve and evaluate their own trade ideas.

On top of constantly communicating with clients to keep them informed and involved, we also provide both monthly reports and trade ideas as part of our service. To view some please visit our Trader’s Corner.

Why JB Alpha?

JB Alpha prides itself for its comprehensive broking services, ensuring the broker-client relationship experience is an enjoyable one at all times with a “team effort philosophy” ensuring the achievement of a common goal. The advice given and strategies applied are unique and tailored to every client’s specific needs while constantly being monitored by the advisor with clients alerted to opportunities as well as pro-active action whenever needed.

JB Alpha is changing the status quo of traditional broking.