Alpha’s Premium Portfolio Service (APPS) is an exclusive online portfolio management system, that allows the client to monitor their portfolio’s performance, valuation and taxation liability.

The APPS reporting system also provides daily updates of both investment and taxation positions, AND provides Capital Gains Tax (CGT) optimisation to assist in maximising after tax returns. Clients typically find this a very useful feature of the system.

APPS  provides the following outstanding benefits:

Consolidated Reporting – on all portfolio assets such as shares, options, managed funds and margin lending.
Capital Gains Tax Management – helping the client to manage CGT liabilities throughout the year, and greatly assisting in end-of-year tax planning and reporting.
Management of Investments – APPS accurately monitors portfolio and share price  performance – and even compares the performance of different managed funds and ASX listed shares.
Reduces Administration – APPS consolidates data, and produces reports which can significantly reduce the burden of administration.
Aids in Investment Decisions – Because APPS revalue’s portfolios on a daily basis, it provides current market information to assist the client in making well informed decisions.
Registered Ownership – The client who chooses to use APPS always remains the registered owner of their investments.  APPS differs from other “WRAP” service providers as the ownership and registration of your investments remain unchanged.
Data Security –  APPS uses industry approved data encryption to help protect client data, and has been developed to ensure that the client controls who can view their portfolio and investment information.
Easy Access –  Portfolio services can be accessed anywhere, anytime via the internet.